Dr.Pinnamaneni Siddhartha Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Foundation – Hospital was stablished in 2003 as a part of Teaching Hospital. Presently in 2017 we have 890 beds with all MCI approved Super – Speciality Departments.

The Hospital equipped with latest and modern facilities an all departments with 16 slice CT & 1.5Tesla MRI machine, Cathlab and modern auto machines in Laboratories diagnostic centres of the hospital the various departments have the latest technological advanced equipment to give appropriate healthcare at subsidised cost.

Organ Transplantation and knee replacement are carried out regularly in the hospital. The laboratory diagnostic procedures by Bio-Chemistry, Micro-Biology, and Pathology are done at no profit and no loss to the hospital.

This hospital has been able to maintain high standards of quality while seeing the number of patients at low cost, many of them is below the poverty line. The hospital strives to b centre of medical excellence with postgraduate in all departments along with specialist providing round the clock healthcare including catering to the emergencies.

The hospital has 128 ICU beds with all the equipment to monitor the critically ill patients. Hospital services are made available to all sections of the society with minimal costs. Patients only need to spend for the required medicine while the charges for surgeries and support services are very much subsidized.

Hospital is involved in RNTCP programme and so far 850 patients were registered and treated under DOTs programme for Tuberculosis. For this humanitarian TB Project a voluntary donations for providing nutritious supplements to all the TB Patients are received from Italy through Rotary Club International.

The institution was approved by District Blindness Control Society and every month 100 cataracts operations were being done. The hospital services are free except medicines for the deserving and at cost basis without profit motto. All investigations are free for all In-Patients. All the In-Patients are providing with free food under “Annaprasadam Scheme” Sponsored by the Siddhartha Academy of General and Technical Education.

The hospital also offers “Dr. NTR Vaidhya Seva Scheme” to the BPL families under the Government of Andhra Pradesh welfare Scheme.

The hospital also caters several insurance companies, ESI Scheme, Employees Health Scheme (E.H.S.) for the Government employees and Aarogya Sahayatha (Prohibition & Excise Department).


Special Programmes in Association with Service units from outside Country

The “Operation Smile India” an USA based non-profit service organization established a centre at this institution with a facility to do surgeries every month. So far more than 500 cleft lip and palate surgeries were performed. We aim making Krishna District “Cleft Free” and next programme will be held in March, 2018 and the target likely to be 180 to 200 surgeries.


Other Activities

Established Dr.Pinnamaneni Aapathkala Samkshema Rakshana Aardhika Nidhi) with donations to serve the needy poor patients in emergencies with free treatment including drugs.


Local Weekly Camp – A doctor to a patient Programmes

Every week Free Camps are being conducted and a team of 30 personnel consisting of doctors, nurses and technicians go to the villages and screen 500 to 700 patients each time. Patients needing further management are advised admission and free transportation through hospital bus which visits four times a week.

PURA (Providing Urban facilities in the Rural Area) , is the goal of all these institutions, taking modern health care to the door steps of villages where India Lives.