Biopreventive Medicine DNlite-IVD 103 symposium (Industry Symposium): Presented our research findings on the correlation of PTM Fetuin A with microalbuminuria in patients with diabetic nephropathy. We presented our findings in association with National Taiwan University Hospital and Dutch Biobank Registry. We discussed our future research plans and regarding the need for collaboration to do further studies on renal biopsy specimens.

ISN WCN 2023 Posters:

  1. Presented poster on “Continuous Flow Peritoneal Dialysis using Haemodialysis Catheter: A Case Report” by Dr.Naga Sai Sri Harsha, Assistant Professor of General Medicine. It is novel technique of peritoneal dialysis which was developed indigenously and was well received by the congress attendees with lot of inquisitiveness.
  2. Presented poster on “Evaluation of Urinary Fetuin A fragment in patients with Type 2 Diabetes and its correlation with renal function and microalbuminaria” by Dr.B.Varun Kumar, Associate Professor of Nephrology. It is a novel biomarker which can be used for early detection of diabetic nephropathy and is being investigated as being superior to microalbuminaria. It had generated interest in the nephrology community as a potential marker which can detect nephropathy earlier and its potential as a new therapeutic target.

ISN WCN Networks:

  1. ISN-Advancing Clinical Trials Network: Dr.B.Varun Kumar has been selected as a part of the ISN-ACT network which convened to discuss propagation of clinical trials among nephrology community. We discussed about establishing a local trial network and dialysis registries and looking forward to establishing our centre in the world map for nephrology trail networks.
  2. ISN-Unknown Chronic Kidney Disease (ISN-CKDu): Dr.B.Varun Kumar has also become part of the ISN CKDu network which convened to discuss about further steps for diagnosis and establishing a pathophysiology of CKDu.

ISN Fellow: Dr.B.Varun Kumar was awarded the inaugural “Fellow of the International Society of Nephrology (FISN)” at ISN WCN 2023. FISN is a status granted by ISN to members who have demonstrated outstanding professional accomplishments in research, service, teaching or other contribution to the speciality of Nephrology.