Our medical college hospital is identified by the government of Andhra Pradesh as treatment hospital for corona virus patients in Krishna district. We feel proud to be a part of the war against the controlling and prevention of Novel Corona Virus Disease -19(COVID-19). Doctors, Paramedical, Nursing staff and other supporting staff of our institution have taken an oath to dedicate their services for the control & prevention of COVID-19 in this part of Andhra Pradesh.

Our Hospital Started receiving COVID-19 cases  since 1st April 2020. The following are the details of the number of patients treated in our Hospital till date(30th November 2020).

Number of Admissions                      : 4913

Transferred to GGH, Vijayawada     : 189

Home Isolation                                     : 933

Patients discharged                             : 3583

Causalities                                             :  110

Remaining Patients                              : 98



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